Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiatives

Promoting ESG Management

The management policy of the Daiki Axis Group is: “committed to the mission to “protect the environment and change the future”, improve the lives of workers and contribute to the development of society by continuously developing as “eco-creation and development companies”.

We define each “eco-creation and development company” as “a company that will continue to develop technology and products that are destined to preserve and improve the global environment, while providing solution(s) for creating a nature and people friendly future by taking full advantage of know-hows cultivated from having water as the lynchpin (or the AXIS), as well as the synergy between multiple businesses within the Group.

As “eco-creation and development companies”, we will build a solid corporate foundation by promoting management that is ESG-aware to contribute in developing a sustainable environment and society through our “business” and “corporate” activities, while putting effort into the improvement of people’s QOL.



As a Group, Daiki Axis promotes environmental improvement through corporate activities.

Water-Related Infrastructure

As a comprehensive water treatment manufacturer, we engage in development both within Japan and overseas, dealing with small-scale johkasou water treatment tanks for residential use as well as industrial wastewater treatment facilities, local community wastewater treatment facilities, the maintenance of drinking water for emergency use and more. With our establishment of a production base in Indonesia as well as an Overseas Sales & Marketing Division, we are working to accelerate the pace of development for our Asia- and Africa-oriented business.

In the years ahead, we will maintain our commitment to promoting water-related environmental improvement globally through the products and services we offer—transforming contaminated water into clean water.

CO2 Reduction

Daiki Axis works to tackle issues such as reducing the use of limited petroleum resources and implementing countermeasures against global warming by focusing business efforts on the field of renewable energy.

Biodiesel Fuel (BDF) Business

Daiki Axis utilizes the top-level technology in the industry to make biodiesel fuel from used tempura-frying oil as well as handling sales of production plants.

Small-Scale Wind Turbine Generator-Related Business

Daiki Axis is working to advance the research and development of small-scale vertical-axis wind turbine generators optimal for the climate and natural features of Japan in order to limit problematic factors that had arisen with conventional large-size propeller-type wind turbine generators, such as bird strikes and natural destruction caused by installation work.

Solar Energy-Related Electricity Sales Business

Daiki Axis engages in solar power generation business using the rooftops of the company’s own facilities and rental facilities, and is also working to advance efforts to limit environmental destruction from the use of non-natural energy, to mitigate the daytime peak in demand for electric power, and more.

Environmental Management System

Daiki Axis has acquired ISO 14001:2015 (JIS Q 14001:2015) certification, the international standard for environmental management systems, in order to further clarify our course of action with regard to the environment. This standard requires organizations to establish, document, implement and maintain environmental management systems, and furthermore to continuously improve the efficiency of those systems.



The Daiki Axis Group takes initiative in “creating a nature and people friendly future” through its’ corporate activities, contributing to the development of a sustainable society.


In order to promote the advancement of female employees, Daiki Axis has acquired “Kurumin” certification as an institution supportive of child care and offers consultation interviews for employees on child care leave as support for the periods before and after childbirth in particular. Also, as non-maternity-related support, we have established an external consultation service and have designated personnel in charge of mental health promotion internally.

Daiki Axis considers the further promotion of female employees’ career advancement, the active acceptance of a diverse range of cultures and viewpoints, and the creation of a management environment with diversity to be matters of importance for the years ahead as well.

Work-Style Reform

Daiki Axis is working to advance work-style reforms for officers and employees to rectify the issue of long working hours.
We are working to promote the creation of a pleasant work environment with efforts such as establishing and expanding on “no overtime” days since fiscal 2016 and supporting employees’ voluntary participation in athletic and other leisure activities.

Social Support

Daiki Axis promotes the collection of used tempura-frying oil as efforts made in cooperation with local communities in the course of our biodiesel fuel business in public-private partnerships, and we work to support the social advancement of people with disabilities.
We have also held educational classes for parents and children on biomass for the sake of the children, who are the bearers of the world’s future, and are working to raise awareness of the importance of CO2 reduction
In recognition of efforts we have made such as these, in 2017 we were awarded the second EHIME FURUSATO Environmental Grand Prize, which is sponsored by Ehime Keizai Douyukai (Ehime Association of Corporate Executives).



The Daiki Axis Group has established a strong corporate foundation for executing business and corporate activities by establishing a base that supports both activities.


As our basic philosophy of corporate governance, Daiki Axis recognizes that sound corporate governance is indispensable in improving our corporate value as a global corporation and fulfilling our social responsibilities to all stakeholders.
We consider the following elements to form the basis of our approach to corporate governance:
– Prompt and efficient business management,
– Maintenance and improvement of the internal control system
– Guarantee of transparency
We also strive to build relationships of trust with the market by promoting the strengthening and entrenchment of compliance, making timely disclosure and so on, and we disclose all the fundamental principles of our Corporate Governance Code on our company website.

Risk Management

Daiki Axis has determined the direction of its corporate strategy and so on through meetings of the Board of Directors and Board of Managing Directors.
Furthermore, the Board of Directors has established various regulations and clearly defined the professional duties and responsibilities of officers and employees to maintain an environment supportive of appropriate risk taking by management leaders.
The Daiki Axis Board of Directors is composed of members of the Audit Committee who hold voting rights in the Board of Directors, and includes two outside Company Directors who are not members of the Audit Committee and three outside company Directors who are members of the Audit Committee. Closely cooperation between these members forms the basis of our objective and highly effective supervisory system.
The aforementioned outside Company Directors include a certified public accountant, an attorney, and those with experience as the director of another company, experience working overseas, and experience working for a financial institution. Possessed of both rich experience and senses of ethics, they are able to provide observations in the Board of Directors’ meetings from independent and neutral standpoints.

Information Dissemination

Daiki Axis is dedicated to the dissemination of relevant information as follows in order to accomplish effective corporate governance:

  • Disclosure of our management philosophy, management strategy and mid-term management plan on our company website
  • Disclosure regarding our basic Corporate Governance Code-based philosophy on our company website
  • Determination of total remuneration limits for Company Directors and auditors through resolutions of general meetings of shareholders
  • Disclosure of reasons for selection Company Directors in notices of convocation of general meetings of shareholders

Also, in recognition of the fact that information disclosure is an important administrative responsibility, we strive to provide information in an easily comprehensible and specific manner in order to allow accurate information to be communicated to all shareholders and other stakeholders. As a forum to allow constructive dialogues with shareholders, investors and others, we hold numerous company information sessions throughout the year in efforts to facilitate greater understanding with regard to Daiki Axis and to grasp the individual viewpoints and demands that may exist.