• Measures Against Anti-Social Forces

Measures Against Anti-Social Forces

Basic philosophy regarding the rejection of dealings with anti-social forces

Daiki Axis adopts the following Basic Guidelines in order to prevent damages from groups or individuals who seek to use violence, threats or fraudulent means for economic gain (“anti-social forces” hereafter).

1. Response as an organization

The foundation for the rejection of anti-social forces shall be expressly stated in the Company’s internal regulations, etc., and responses shall be made by the organization as a whole. The safety of executives and employees dealing with anti-social forces shall be ensured as well.

2. Cooperation with specialized outside organizations

In order to prevent damages from anti-social forces, the Company will maintain close, ordinary cooperative relationships with specialized outside organizations such as the police, the National Center for the Elimination of Violent Groups and law offices.

3. Rejection of any and all relations, including transactions

The Company shall have no relationships of any kind with anti-social forces, including transactional relationships. Any and all unreasonable demands from anti-social forces shall be rejected as well.

4. Civil and criminal legal responses to emergency situations

In response to unreasonable demands from anti-social forces, the Company will take legal action, both civil and criminal.

5. Prohibition of secret transactions and provision of funds

The Company will not engage in secret transactions with anti-social forces or provide funds to anti-social forces.