Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

Daiki Axis will make timely, appropriate and fair disclosure of important information regarding the company to allow all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, to assess the company’s value fairly and properly.

Method of Information Disclosure

With regard to items stipulated in the Timely Disclosure Rules, Daiki Axis will make disclosure through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and following this disclosure, will promptly post the information on the corporate website as well. With regard to the disclosure of the company’s information considered to be of importance to any and all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, outside the scope of Timely Disclosure, we will post the information in the same manner. However, there may be times when posting is delayed due to communication environment failures, equipment malfunctions, force majeure situations, etc.

Silent Period

Daiki Axis maintains a silent period from the end of each quarter until the planned date of quarterly earnings announcements in order to prevent leakage of earnings information and ensure fairness. Please understand in advance that during these periods we refrain from responding to questions regarding earnings information, etc. However, in the case that important matters requiring disclosure should arise, we will make announcements in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

Future Prospects

Daiki Axis’s announcements of earnings forecasts and future prospects, other than historical facts, are projections based on the company’s judgment. They are based on judgments and suppositions based on the information available at the time they are made. As such, they do not guarantee future performance. Please understand that the performance actually announced may differ from forecasts, due to the influence of uncertainties such as the future economic climate, changes in regulatory systems, and so on.