• About this Website

About this Website

The Daiki Axis Co., Ltd. website (the “Site” hereafter) is managed and operated by Daiki Axis Co., Ltd.


Daiki Axis takes great care concerning the information posted on its Company Site, but we are unable to offer an absolute guarantee of its accuracy. Information posted here is current as of the day of announcement and day of posting, but the expressions used may vary from information disclosed in the course of Timely Disclosure. In no event shall the Company bear any liability or responsibility in conjunction with communication environment or equipment failures, damages resulting from the downloading of data, alteration of data by third parties, force majeure situations, etc.
The Site may be subject to suspension or discontinuation of operation without prior notice due to managerial conditions, policy changes, or other circumstances. We ask for your understanding on these matters.


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About JavaScript

This Site uses JavaScript to offer a more pleasant browsing experience.
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About Plugins

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About Copyright

Daiki Axis Co., Ltd. retains the copyright for this Site.
Unauthorized use of any and all content found on this Site (including duplication, modification and reproduction) for any purpose is prohibited.


About the Use of SSL Encryption

This Site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communication to ensure the secure handling of data requiring protection, such as visitors’ personal information. SSL technology protects data transmitted between the Site’s web server and visitors’ browsers.


Handling of Information Security

Regarding the information infrastructure, Daiki Axis installs antivirus software on all its computers to detect and eliminate computer viruses as an information security measure. The Company also runs system management software on a continuous basis and performs security monitoring and restriction.
The Company has developed an Information Security Policy for Company employees,
provides education on security for all employees on a yearly basis through e-learning, promoting awareness-building, and works to promote the penetration of information security measures throughout the organization.