Advanced industrial technology
Delivering Japan’s quality products overseas
In the western part of the Cikande industrial park of Jakarta, Daiki Axis has a factory of approximately 7,200sqm. At this manufacturing facility (cylinder molding machine, automatic opener, etc.) installed the same equipment as those in Japan, solid and high quality products are made at a speedy pace (over 30 units of large-scale products per month). The FRP tanks are manufactured under a process that has been structurally certified by an external specialized agency in Japan.
External view of factory in Indonesia
Interior of the factory
Automatic molding machine
Cylinder molding machine
Automatic opener
Employee at work
Commemorating the Inauguration of the New Factory
To commemorate the start of the new Daiki Axis Indonesia factory, an inaugural ceremony was held on August 6, 2015. An introductory video of the company shown at the ceremony can be viewed here.
Our production system is ready for anything, including overseas demands
The domestic production division has four plants in Japan , that have acquired the international standard ISO9001 in quality management. At these plants, various types of water treatment equipment including johkasou (Domestic Wastewater Treatment System) are manufactured, promptly meeting domestic and overseas demands.
Fukushima Works
Shinshū Works
Matsuyama Works
Tsushima Works